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Our Educational  Programs

Toddler Classroom


Our Toddler Program enrolls children from 24-36 months. The Program uses the NYC Department of Education Connections Curriculum. Children in this classroom have fun exploring and discovering through Storytime,  Art, Music,  Science, and hands-on experiences.  Throughout our classrooms teachers, the main focus is the Social-Emotional Health and well-being of our children.    

Home School

Rena Day Care Centers Inc. has partnered with the NYC Department of Education to provided Toddler, 3K and Pre-K services.  Our goal is to ensure that every child in our program receives a fair shot of  Early Care and High-Quality Education.   Our Program offers School Day Year (SDY) and Extended Day Year services (EDY). Children in these classrooms  have fun exploring and discovering  through  Reading, Art, Science  and  many  hands-on experiences.   Our Teachers are qualified and meets the DOE and DOH requirements for  their positions.  Our Program is aligned to the New York City  Department of Education  mission and vison for what a High-Quality Program looks like. We are committed to an inclusive setting, while meeting the needs of all our children. 

 3-K for All


3K Classrooms  enrolls children at 36 months (3 years old) – The Program uses the New York City DOE Explorations Unit of Study.  Children in these classrooms build upon the foundation of the learning experiences in the Toddler  classroom and they are prepared to gain knowledge and skills that will prepare them for the Pre-K classrooms.  They are involved in more reading activities, pre-writing and Art activities and are provided with opportunities and experiences  to develop  oral language, scientific and  mathematical thinking.  The teachers in this classroom prepares the children by laying the foundation for the Pre-K Classroom.    

Yellow Vest

Pre-K for All

Pre-K Classrooms  enrolls 48 months (4 years old). – The Program uses the NYC Department of Education PreK- Interdisciplinary Units of Studies. In this Pre-K Classroom there is more rigor and structure as teachers prepare the children for Kindergarten. Children are provided  with opportunities and activities to develop their abilities in all areas of development. They are provided with a wide array of information and knowledge, that advances their skill building and concept development,  thus, laying a strong foundation for Kindergarten.   Children are exposed to daily writing opportunities, allowing them to become emergent writers and independent readers.  There are many opportunities for reading such as shared reading, independent reading, and read aloud.  Our  children are exposed to different genres such as fiction and non-fiction.  Teachers provide the children with opportunities to engage in, observe  and discuss experiments.  Children are assigned small and  large projects and are given opportunities to collaborate and share together  The Pre-K teachers work rigorously to prepare the children to become lifelong learners.  Our Program has partnered with Jumpstart Program, in this literacy Program the children are involved in reading sessions twice weekly, with college interns from Leham College. In this Program all children will receive individualized coaching sessions to reinforce reading and language  development. This Program provides children with valuable experiences that will develop and increase their fluency and comprehension skills.  We are currently partnering with Studio in a School  and the NYC Department of Education to deliver a residency Art Program to our center. This project will  provide experiences for the children and teachers as they learn methods in Creative Art such as, how to create  models through sculpting, engage in professional painting, and collaging. All  children and teachers are mentored by a Professional  Artist. This Program is in its inception and is expected to roll out in Spring of 2022.

Happy Circle
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